The New GOP Candidate!

This is Christopher Barnett, according to his facebook, he believes poor and disabled people need to be euthanized. Did I mention he’s running for the GOP in Oklahoma? He is. 

“I firmly believe we should have assisted suicide in the US. Why should we have to keep up people who cannot contribute to society any longer? If they can take care of themselves without government assistance, great. If not, let them starve and die.”

Barnett claims he was hacked and that it’s dirty tactics, as they’ve even hacked the facebook page of his private business.

Since the alleged hacking, Barnett has recieved a barrage of nasty comments and threats. Barnett went on to say “I’m in this election. I’m not dropping out. They’re not going to intimidate me. I’ll be done campaigning when I’m being sworn in as the next Governor of Oklahoma in January 2019. The Democrats have promised to assassinate me if I’m elected”.

My take: I think he was online after a having a few too many and wrote that stuff himself.