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I’ve Seen Footage!

Remember Count Dankula, the guy we all defended, for his off colour, but harmless joke with a pug? It appears he’s a just another hard right wing twat. In the video linked below, Omni Destiny tries to debate Dankula, and it goes downhill fast. Destiny should have debated the pug,  at least the pug has the capacity to learn something, Count Dankula doesn’t. Continue reading “I’ve Seen Footage!”

Still Campaigning?

It hasn’t occurred to President Arsehole that the election was nearly 18 months ago? Why is he wasting the peoples money on these staged events?

Dankula Debacle Ends

Count Dankula aka Mark Meechan fined $800 for teaching his pug to to Nazi salute when he said “gas the Jews”. Basically this is a joke that got way out of hand. Both right and left sprang to the defence of Meechan, from Ricky Gervais, Jonathan Pie to David Baddiel.

Continue reading “Dankula Debacle Ends”


Professional moron, Milo Yiannopoulos, and conservative lunatic, Laura Loomer, posed for photos overlooking the site of the recent FIU Bridge Collapse that killed 6 people. Stay classy c_nts.

Ron Walker

For the past few weeks I’ve been on a fruitless search to find a South Australian with a nice word to say about Melbourne Mayor, Ron Walker, who passed away earlier this year.